Burlington shooting suspect still at large

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The man suspected of a shooting just two blocks from the Church Street Marketplace is still on the run.

Alfred Wisher

The victim is in critical condition at the UVM Medical Center.

Burlington police are looking for Alfred Wisher, 37, who is also known as "Wish Kid." Investigators say he has ties to New York City and South Carolina.

Now, we are learning new details about the shooting, including a possible motive. Our Dom Amato spoke with police and neighbors on Clarke Street, where the shooting happened.

Burlington police are still looking for any leads that could help them track down Wisher. They say he is a newer Burlington resident and they have reason to believe he's still in the area.

Neighbors have mixed feelings about the shooting and what it says about their street.

"Surprising, yeah. The area's been really great for us, really quiet," Adam Goddu said.

Goddu has lived on Clarke Street in Burlington for about a year. He lived in New York City for the last nine years and says he didn't expect a shooting to happen so close to his new home.

"The neighborhoods I lived in there-- it's definitely not a surprise, as awful as it is to say. But I mean for this area, yeah," Goddu said.

Police say Khyann Jones, 28, was shot in the head early Sunday morning. Witnesses told police Alfred Wisher is the man who pulled the trigger. It was all over a woman according to some who know the victim. They would not speak with WCAX News on camera.

"I can't confirm anything about the motive right now," Burlington Deputy Police Chief Jon Murad said.

Burlington Police say Wisher is considered armed and dangerous, but they say the two men involved did know each other and exchanged words before the shooting.

"We believe this is an incident that is relative to the two of them," Murad said. "And we believe that Mr. Wisher, though armed and dangerous if approached, is not a general danger to the community."

Some neighbors told WCAX News they believe Burlington is changing for the worse after this most recent shooting. But others said they believe this incident doesn't reflect the neighborhood.

"I don't think it's going to be a characteristic of the neighborhood or the vibe of Burlington as a whole," Goddu said.

Murad agrees.

"I think that we have always had certain amounts of disorder and crime in the city. They are low amounts of crime and disorder," Murad said. "This is, as I said, a rarity."

Burlington police are looking for any information the public can provide on Wisher's whereabouts. They say if you see him, don't approach him. Call the police.