Burlington voters approve spending $100M on two bonds

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Two big ticket items on the ballot in Burlington on election night.

Burlington voters approved a 70-million dollar bond to upgrade the city's high school by a vote 13,383 to 4,734. The bond will pay to make high school buildings accessible, address maintenance, and improve safety and security.

Voters also have approved a 30-million bond to upgrade wastewater and stormwater system by a vote of 16,756 of 1,454.

The bond will pay for upgrading 3 wastewater treatment facilities, 11 pump stations, 13 miles of pipes, better handling of brewery discharges.
Those two plans will end up costing homeowners 5-dollars per household per year for the next 30 years.

Voters were a little more torn on whether to upgrade Burlington High School.

That renovation plan will add about 300-dollars each year to the property tax bill of a home assessed at a quarter of a million dollars.

Mayor Miro Weinberger said he's happy voters approved both measures but he understands why some in Burlington are hesitant.
"People are right to be concerned about cost. We have substantial property tax burdens in this community. And it's the reason we work very hard. I'm proud that of my seven budgets, six of the seven have not involved a property tax increase,” Weinberger said.

Other notable ballot results around the state:

Montpelier residents approved all of its ballot questions. That means it will get its more than 9-million dollar parking garage and its 16.75 million dollar sewer treatment facility upgrades.

Montpelier also voted to allow non-citizens to vote on city ballot items, but that will need approval from the house, senate, and governor first.
In Hartford, Vermont residents voted to advise the Selectboard to rename Christopher Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day.