Burlington's Chief Greylock statue needs rehab

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A sculpture that has been standing in Burlington's Battery Park since 1984 is rotting from the inside out.

The Chief Greylock statue was created by Peter Wolf Toth and is one of many sculptures in the U.S. commemorating prominent Native Americans in history. It's made of red oak wood and is 34- feet tall.

The Burlington City Department of Parks, Recreation and Waterfront partnered with local agencies to address the decay. For now, they are not sure what will happen with the statue.

"We've determined that it's showing more decay than we expected. What we felt was really important was to do a scan of it and then from there we will decide whether we can restore what's there or whether we need to make a replica," said the department's Margaret Skinner.

If the original sculpture cannot be saved, they will be able to generate a 3D printed replica to replace it.