Bus routes to expand in Essex-Westford school district

ESSEX, Vt. (WCAX) School is around the corner, and the Essex-Westford school district announced some changes to their bus routes.

Last year, we told you some students in the Essex-Westford district would have to find a different route to school.

The district was facing issues because of a bus driver shortage.

"There were three buses only operating for the high school and those routes were operating only in the town of our district," said Jamie Smith, the transportation manager of Essex Bus Route School District. "We took the students that were riding on those routes, assigned them to the K-8 routes, that were traveling those same streets. Now, those high school students are on those buses, so that gave us those three buses to operate in the village."

The district says the buses will go through 20 routes to ensure kids have a way to get to class, but students will have the option to take a public bus which is free.