Business booms as road work wraps in Brandon

Published: Nov. 23, 2019 at 8:17 PM EST
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After years of road construction the town of Brandon is back open for business. With new streets and sidewalks throughout town, some local shops have finally started to see an uptick in foot traffic.

"It's been hard to get through town sometimes, a lot of people go around construction." said Kathryn Clark of Brandon.

For year, it was hard to go through downtown Brandon without seeing construction crews at work.Residents and visitors dealt with torn up roads, very little parking, and near constant traffic.

"It's been very difficult, because usually there's been only one lane open, sometimes neither lane for a while, and so its been very slow," said Kathie Hession who was visiting the area.

Construction almost crippled small, local businesses in town.

"They'd make it to the store the first time and say 'we're not coming back, it took us forty minutes to get here', a lot of people would go around and take the backroads, we had less people, locals and people from far away weren't coming downtown," said Alison Walter, owner of Blue Moon Clothing & Gifts.

Now that the almost 30 million dollar project is complete, some store owners have already noticed an increase in foot traffic in the area and more customers through their door.

"Its the busiest its ever been. I'd say we're at least doubled from last year and going up from there," said Walter.

Shoppers have noticed the town flourishing again too.

"There's traffic and people here everyday, everyday of the week," said Hession.

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