COVID-19 testing mandatory before elective surgery at CVPH

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 5:23 PM EDT
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The Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital says COVID-19 testing will be mandatory for any elective surgeries.

The hospital is figuring out its new normal and allowing people in for outpatient elective surgeries.

We're told by an infectious disease doctor there that some patients have complained about getting tested. He says it's simple: No emergency, no test, then no surgery.

"That's our opinion of the right thing to do to protect our staff, but it is also part of the department of health policy that if patients have an elective procedure and don't wish to get tested for COVID then they will not have their elective procedure performed. Just to be clear on that," said Dr. Wouter Rietsema of CVPH.

As for overnight procedures, the health department expects an order from the governor in the coming weeks. And they, too, will likely be started by region, just like elective surgeries.

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