Campaign Countdown: Vermont. U.S. Congress

Published: Oct. 8, 2018 at 5:23 PM EDT
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Republican Anya Tynio and democratic incumbent Rep. Peter Welch are facing off to win Vermont's single seat in Congress.

Republcian Anya Tynio says it's time for a change. "I think it's time for a fresh perspective in Washington," she said.

Tynio lost the primary election, but filled the position after H. Brooke Paige turned down the candidacy to run for secretary of state. In August, the Republican party nominated Tynio to fill the spot and run for Congress.

"I have an understanding of the everyday issues that we deal with as working class Vermonters better than anybody in this race I think," Tynio said.

Running for her first political position, the 25-year-old Northeast Kingdom resident says she is pro-second amendment and wants to protect the U.S. Constitution. She says if elected, she will work to keep young people in our state and follow President Trump's effort to grow the agricultural community. "I think the tariffs and tax cuts we have seen so far will benefit the dairy farming industry and farming in general," she said.

But Tynio has an uphill battle against incumbent Democrat Peter Welch who has been in office for over a decade and says he has more work to do. "I have always said if we can bring Vermont values to Washington this country would be a much better place," Welch said.

Welch says he is passionate about issues like climate change, rebuilding the middle class, and agriculture, but he disagrees with his opponent's stance on the president's tariffs. "The Trump policies that she supports have actually been quite bad for Vermont and bad for America," Welch said.

He says he knows progress is made through bipartisian work, but he says this election year is an opportunity to send a message to Washington. "If we win, if the democrats become the majority in the House. That will be an opportunity for us to earn people's trust by how we govern," Welch said.