Candidates for Vermont House share same name

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Driving around South Burlington you'll see signs for Frank Davis for Vermont House.

And driving around Derby Line 90 miles away you'll also see signs for Frank Davis, also for Vermont House.

"To have come across another Frank Davis was like double-take," Frank Davis said.

This Frank Davis is a Progressive running to represent South Burlington in Chittenden 7-3. When he saw another Frank Davis was campaigning for the Legislature on the other side of the state, he knew he had to reach out.

"I called him and said, 'Would you like to meet?'" Davis said.

Reporter Cat Viglienzoni: What was your reaction when you got the call from the other Frank Davis?
Frank Davis/Derby Line: Well, before I answered the phone I got the ID on the screen. I didn't believe it that someone is using my name to call me to sell me a warranty on my car that I no longer own or something like that.

This isn't independent Frank Davis' first time on the ballot to represent Orleans 1.

"For this office, I have lost three times," he said.

But it is the first time the Derby Line village moderator has seen this.

"I had never heard of anyone with my name running before," he said.

The pair met at Papa's Place diner in Eden, which is halfway between South Burlington and Derby Line. They sat and they talked for a couple hours. And they learned that they had more in common than just their names.

"His platform is almost identical to mine," said Frank Davis of South Burlington. "We're both educators."

"He said if he loses he's going to try again, so what we have in common is that neither of us are quitters," said Frank Davis of Derby Line.

The two snapped a photo with their signs to mark the meeting.

"Great guy-- like my long-lost brother or something," said Frank Davis of South Burlington.

And though they won't be on the same ballot, they're hoping they will eventually end up in the same room.

Cat Viglienzoni: How surreal would it be if both of you got elected and ended up serving in the House together with the same name?
Frank Davis/Derby Line: I think that would drive the sergeant-at-arms crazy or the secretary of the House.

They said they have different middle initials, so they would use those to distinguish themselves if they both get elected.