Candidates gear up to impress N.H. voters

WEST LEBANON, NH The New Hampshire primary may still be months away, but presidential candidates have been flocking to the Granite State courting voters. It's a crowded field that the experts say is bucking the norm.

If you are into politics, every four years during the Presidential Primary, New Hampshire is the place to be. But, with so many democrats vying for the party's nomination, this election is different.

“You never see this kind of a big field with an incumbent President seeking re-election. It's unprecedented,” said Dartmouth College politics professor Linda Fowler.

There are roughly a dozen candidates already in the race and many of them are relatively unknown on the national stage.

“Probably too big for the electorate to cut through it. It's mostly young fresh faces with not a lot of political experience,” Fowler said.

Senator Bernie Sanders is one exception, and he's been here before, going head-to-head against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Sanders ultimately lost that race and Fowler says this primary may be even more difficult for him.

“It’s much easier to run to the left of Hillary Clinton who has always been a centrist democrat, than it is in this field that has Elizabeth Warren and other progressive candidates,” Fowler said

She says it's really too early to put too much weigh into polls, but there have been early standouts. That includes a 37-year-old openly gay mayor from Indiana Pete Buttigieg.

"I think at this point, candidates are thinking, well if Obama could do it, or Trump could do it, maybe I could do the unthinkable. But I also think it's the case that a lot of these new faces are auditioning for a Vice President spot,” Fowler said.

Speaking of Vice Presidents, former V.P. Joe Biden is expected to make his plans known soon. Fowler says he could help pull younger white males back to the party who broke for Trump last time around.

“That’s the big thing that differentiates him in the minds of people who only think about who can win. And there are a bunch of those in the democratic party as well,” Fowler said.

The exact date of New Hampshire's Primary has not been set. But, state law requires the primary to be the first in the nation. A position coveted by voters.