Champlain College cuts online tuition for Burlington students

Published: Jul. 8, 2020 at 11:00 PM EDT
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Two years after Champlain College cut the cost of online undergraduate programs in half, tuition is dropping even more for some people.

The city of Burlington and Champlain College‘s president announced another 17% drop, which brings the cost to $265 per credit hour. This only applies to adult residents of Burlington who would be non-traditional students. The discount does not apply to traditional 18-22 year old students as an alternative to on-campus programming.

It's part of a new local skill accelerator program to help adult, Burlington residents gain new skills if they are looking for a new job due to the pandemic.

“In the critical times that we find ourselves, we recognize that these types of programs which are sort of market-ready, relevant programs will enable our citizens to be able to transition from unemployment to the realm of being employed again," Champlain College President Benjamin Akande said.