Ceremony honors longtime Bristol Freemasons

Published: Apr. 8, 2019 at 8:37 AM EDT
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Four members of the Masons, Lodge 47 in Bristol, were recognized Sunday for their years of service.

Bill James, Roger Layn, Charlie Weisenback and Robert Fuller have served a combined 255 years.

Outsiders don't usually get to see what goes on inside, but WCAX News was invited to the ceremony.

The Masons are the largest and oldest fraternal organization in the world. They're known for secret rituals and centuries of traditions.

With many civic organizations losing members, the Masons say they are still relevant today.

"So we feel if we live right and do good things and be upright citizens, that our neighbors will receive us doing that, recognize us for doing that, and ideally they would join the lodge," said Cecil Foster, the Master of the Lodge.

Bill James will also be this week's Super Senior. He will turn 108 in July. Tune in to the Channel 3 News on Thursday to hear his story.