Christmas lights go up to cheer up Vermonters

Published: Mar. 21, 2020 at 1:21 AM EDT
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Spring might have already started, but some Burlington residents are stringing up their Christmas lights.

The lights were placed to bring some joy to the area, and it's a good reminder no one is facing the virus alone.

Some were inspired by posts on social media, showcasing houses with Christmas lights.

Others we spoke to say they just didn't have the heart to take down their lights during this time of low social interaction.

"People were flashing their blinkers at me while I was putting them up and a couple of cars stopped and took a picture so I'm like, cool, if it's giving people even a moment or two to not think about all the things that are going right now, great," Burlington resident Scott Moody said.

"Initially, it was pure laziness, I have to say, but then I realized how much I need them," Burlington resident Sarah DeSilvey said. "Like how important it was for me just to kind of keep one little bright thing shining."