Christmas tree completes journey to Church Street

Published: Nov. 22, 2019 at 5:04 PM EST
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It's not Thanksgiving yet but signs of the holiday season are beginning to show up here and there, including the Church Street Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree on Church Street officially arrived Friday, kicking off the holiday season in the Burlington area. The journey started just about 10 miles south in St. George at Sandra Dubois' house.

"Yeah, it was good shade," Dubois said. The blue spruce is over 40-feet tall. It started as a small gift planted in her front yard.

"My daughter bought it way back. It was just a little plant in a bucket and we put it out here and this is what we have," Dubois said. "We were at a point where we had to keep cutting it for the walkway. It was just getting to big."

The tree was loaded and trucked down Route 116, taking up most of the road. An obstacle presented itself along the way.

"In the process, the crane got stuck. That was a whole other process. Wires came down on the way here -- it was so tall," said Maurice Dubois, who helped move the tree.

The blue spruce tree caused a stir as they backed it onto Church Street.

"I love working here because every time I'm working at my desk, I look up and something else is going on," said Linda Kallinger. But she says this work day distraction was a little different. "To see a giant tree rolling by -- it made me run outside with my camera."

As crews worked to lift, secure and put the tree in its new spot, passersby got their phones out to snap a picture.

"This is exciting for us. We never make it to New York City to see the tree go up so this is the next best thing I guess," said Karsen Levin, visiting from New Jersey.

"It's exciting. The holidays are coming," said Julie Cole of Shelburne.

"It is beautiful. We were surprised to come walking up the sidewalk after checking out a bunch of nice stores and lo and behold, there is a Christmas tree," said Jordan Snyder of Washington D.C.

The tree will stay up past the new year. As for Dubois back in St. George -- with no tree she plans to do some renovations. "Maybe some nice fencing. I would like to put stone in here," she said.

The tradition of having a tree at the top of Church Street goes back to 1981.

The tree lighting ceremony officially kicks off next Friday.