City Council hopes to put Burlington Telecom debacle behind them

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Monday night was the first Burlington City Council meeting since the tense Burlington Telecom decision two weeks ago.

WCAX News showed you how councilors were arguing with each other about the future of the utility.

Councilor David Hartnett started Monday’s meeting by apologizing for how he acted during the vote. He specifically said he was sorry to councilor Joan Shannon and controller Beth Anderson, who ran the last meeting.

“I crossed the line as a councilor," said Hartnett. "I think there's a code of conduct that we need to have here at the Council, and it's to respect our colleagues and the people that come to these meetings, and I failed to do that."

Shannon said she accepted Hartnett's apology.

"We have to all move forward in the best interest of the city of Burlington and I expect we'll be adults and do that," said Shannon.

Many councilors agreed they want to work at bringing the divided Council back together.

"The process has been messy, particularly the last few weeks and the last meeting," said councilor Kurt Wright. "I hope that we’re ready to move on."

"I think the Council will pull together as we now get into the work of approving the purchase agreement," said Council President Jane Knodell.