Burlington city councilor says to prepare for busy construction season

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) When driving through downtown Burlington, construction is almost impossible to miss and we're told more is on the way this summer.

Burlington City Councilor Joan Shannon says there are a lot of good things happening in the city and things will probably get worse before they get better.

Shannon says be prepared to see a lot of digging up the streets this year.

We've already seen construction projects on St. Paul and Maple streets, but the number of streets will only grow as we head into summer, like Pine Street and Flynn Avenue to name a few.

"We've made really large investments in our infrastructure, and that involves a lot of digging up the streets and digging up the streets involves a lot of detours and inconvenience for the residents," Shannon said.

She says residents need to be patient with the process and at the end of the day it means they will have waterlines relined, sewers replaced and streets rebuilt.

Burlington Public Works officials weren't immediately available for comment on the projects.