City council to decide on park question

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BURLINGTON, Vt. The design of Burlington's City Hall Park hangs in the balance after months of controversy.

A group opposed to the city's revamp plans is hoping the city council will put the question on the ballot on Town Meeting Day.

City Council President Kurt Wright said the vote could turn out either way because of arguments on both sides. On its long list of concerns, Keep The Park Green said it doesn't want so many trees cut down and wants less paving. The mayor argues its too late. He said too much money and effort has been spent on the project designs to turn back.

Wright said he's also concerned about the language of the ballot question proposed.

"This is a two part question that could lead the voters confused as to, 'Okay if I agree that I don't like City Hall Park plan, and then they're saying something else about what they want to do going forward, what if I don't support either of these?' So what does the message end up being?" Wright said.

Wright said he will be trying to work with the opposition group to make the question neutral. He said the city council does not have to put it on the ballot, despite petition signatures collected.