Claremont among cities voting on Keno gambling proposal

CLAREMONT, N.H. (WCAX) Residents in New Hampshire are hitting the polls today. Several communities, including Claremont, are deciding whether to bring the gambling game Keno to town.

All nine of Claremont's City council seats are up for re-election, but there's another question on the ballot that has people talking. Keno, a gambling game similar to bingo, is up for vote in ten cities. The New Hampshire Lottery says it could bring in $45 million in annual sales with net profit earmarked to pay for full-day kindergarten.

"I voted yes," said Penny Murrary outside the polls. "I personally am not a fan on gambling, but if it is going to help the state, and there is enough people to participate. Doesn't have to be what I want, it's just going to help the state."

"It don't cost a lot, and if you could win some money -- as long as you don't gamble a lot of money -- it's good, something to do," said another voter, Scott Blanchette.

But Andrea Shaw is among those voters that don't think it's a good idea, especially since Keno is frequently found in bars. "I just don't approve of gambling. I think it just brings a lot of unwanted stuff into the area. It's associated with a lot of drinking. It is associated with drugs. It's associated with too many things that I don't approve of," she said.

A few establishments in Claremont have already applied to host the game, but voters have to green light the gambling first.

"I don't like the drinking, but I like the Keno game. If somebody could win some, plus have some fun -- do something with their time," Blanchette said.

Cities across New Hampshire are voting on Keno this election day. The city of Lebanon will decide in January if the question will be on March's ballot.