Classes in Colchester teach women how to defend themselves

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COLCHESTER, Vt. (WCAX) Local women are better prepared to fight off an attacker thanks to classes put on by the Colchester Police and Parks and Recreation.

The classes include women of all ages. Two pretend aggressors and a lead instructor performed their rape aggression defense. Women who joined the program were put in three different scenarios to fight off the attackers.

"We took it on because it's a great community outreach proactive policing, not responding to one of these women coming up to us and reporting something horrible. We're trying to get the education prior to that happening," said Colchester Police Cpl. Jamie Bressler, the lead instructor in the course.

"I've known people that things like this have happened to and they weren't prepared and so I've realized how important it is," said Ava Davadallamura, a participant.

Police say they hope to empower women and teens through the class.