Clock ticking down on Joe's Pond Ice Out tickets

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DANVILLE, Vt. (WCAX) You still have time to buy your ticket for one of Vermont's most famous guessing games.

The Joe's Pond Ice Out challenge has been a staple in the Northeast Kingdom since 1988. People from all over Vermont-- and the country-- take a guess at when a cinder block will fall through the ice. Tickets are $1 each. Whoever guesses the date and time when the ice goes out, takes home half the money raised. The other goes to the Joe's Pond Association.

Officials say they are on track to sell about 10,000 tickets this year.

"People sometimes have their ways of looking at the Farmers' Almanac, when did it last go out, how deep is the ice right now and it's never what they think," said Michelle Walker of the Joe's Pond Association.

You can purchase tickets at various stores in the Kingdom or buy them online. Sunday is the last day tickets will be available.