Chavis Murphy murder trial suspended, jury will resume deliberations Monday

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) The case against Chavis Murphy has gone to the jury. It comes after a weeklong murder trial. The jury started deliberations at 3:08 p.m. Friday, weighing a charge of first-degree murder.

In closing arguments, prosecutors detailed their case against Murphy, a Burlington resident accused of gunning down Obafemi Adedapo of New York after the two left former Queen City nightclub Zen Lounge in 2015.

"It shows that there was a plan ahead of time. It shows that there was a plot behind it," Chittenden County Deputy Prosecutor Justin Jiron said.

Authorities allege Murphy shot Adedapo multiple times in the area of lower Church Street.

"Four in the back, one in the chest," Jiron said.

To pin him as the shooter during the trial, prosecutors used Murphy's own friends as witnesses, including one who said he saw Murphy holding a gun that night but did not see him pull the trigger.

They also focused on a black and white hooded sweatshirt with the word "King" repeatedly written across it. Prosecutors say Murphy was caught wearing it on surveillance video as he ran from the scene, and he suspiciously dumped it in the trash while on the run in Massachusetts days after the shooting, along with other personal documents and belongings.

"Who takes all their property, packs it up in their car, drives all the way to Massachusetts or some other state?" Jiron asked. "Who switches cars with their girlfriend? Who buys prepaid phones in cash?"

"The real shooter got away," defense attorney Lamar Enzor said.

The defense argued the evidence was not enough to show that Murphy committed the murder.

"Mr. Adedapo was shot. That is a tragedy. You have the opportunity, the unique opportunity to prevent two tragedies-- and that is the wrongful conviction of an innocent man based purely on assumption and speculation," Enzor said.

At the start of the trial, the judge said the case may go until Monday. Friday evening the judge sent home the jury for the weekend, deliberations will resume Monday.