Companies roll out robots for chores, help and even love

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LAS VEGAS (CBS) How would you like a robot that could help with chores around the house or even keep you company? Companies are showing off bots to do just that at CES in Las Vegas this week. Have a look!

Personal robots are one step closer to reality.

The Walker robot from UBTECH is designed to be a butler.

In the past, robots struggled to manipulate objects. This one has improved technology that allows it to remove a bottle cap, pour a soda and hand it over.

If you're hungry, the Samsung Chef Bot is here. Its robotic arms can slice and dice, prepare a meal and even make your coffee.

"It's still very early days to see where this is going to take us," said Lexy Savvides, a senior editor at CNET.

Savvides says it may be a while before these types of robots show up in people's homes. But robotics that meld man and machine are currently in use. The Guardian XO allows workers to lift heavy items.

Savvides got to experience it herself, lifting 30 pounds with ease. But it can handle much more.

"So 200 pounds could feel like only 10 pounds when you're lifting it," Savvides said. "It's about reducing strain or injury, about people who are working in factories or high-risk jobs."

There's also a new trend in companion robots. The Ballie has a camera and artificial intelligence to interact with its owner. It can give you reminders, record moments and even play with the dog.

And if you want something to cuddle with, you can try the Lovot or love robot. It has artificial intelligence that can recognize your face and will come to you when called. Sensors throughout the body respond to touch with a cooing sound.

The little sidekick will be available in the U.S. next year but it isn't cheap. They're currently sold in pairs and cost about $5,000.