Concerns about 2nd wave of coronavirus, related syndrome in kids

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 3:01 PM EDT
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More open beaches and parks this holiday weekend made things seem just a little more normal. But there are concerns about a possible resurgence in cases and about an apparent coronavirus-related syndrome showing up in more children.

Americans felt better about getting back on airplanes for Memorial Day weekend. The TSA says checkpoint traffic was up significantly from recent weeks, screening about 1.5 million passengers between Thursday and Monday.

It seems many Americans think the country has turned a corner but numbers tell a different story. Per tallies by Johns Hopkins University, coronavirus cases are on the decline in just 10 states. Twenty-two are holding steady and 18 are seeing numbers go up. That includes Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas, where the governor has said they're experiencing a second peak.

Meanwhile, more than half of states, at least 26 now, from California to Maryland, are reporting cases of what seems to be a coronavirus-related inflammatory syndrome in children.

Doctors are urging parents to move quickly if their child has symptoms, which include stomach pain, vomiting, fever and a rash.

The syndrome seems to develop in some cases two to six weeks after COVID-19 infection, perhaps a delayed immune system response. Many of these kids are perfectly healthy beforehand.

The greatest concern in all of this is that many of these children are experiencing serious damage to their hearts.