Condo complex destroyed by fire in Westfield

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WESTFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) Flames destroyed the Alpine Meadows Condominiums in Westfield Thursday night, leaving half a dozen families out of their homes.

"I feel sick, sick to my stomach," said Pete Fina, Alpine Meadows Property Manager.

When Fina got to the scene in Westfield, things were already looking bad.

"I got over here right away, accounted for everybody and made sure everybody was fine," said Fina.

But the one-time lodge was not fine.

"It's an old building and the rafters are pretty dry," said Fina.

The fire made its way through the 18 units off Waldhof Drive.

"The radio system is so bad here, the pages you just can't understand something," said Chief Bill Baker, Montgomery Fire Dept.

Baker says poor service made finding the fire tough and that getting enough water to fight the flames was also a challenge.

"We did the best we could, got mutual aid from the other side of the mountain and all of Franklin County up here just about," said Baker.

Fina is thankful no one was hurt.

"Good news was everybody is out," Fina said.

Fina says six of the condos were occupied and now those families need to find a new place to live. He says he's helping with that process and is thankful firefighters did what they could.

"I feel good about what they done for me. I wish there were a couple of fire hydrants, that would've made things go a lot easier. They did the best they could do with the situation," said Fina.

The owners of the complex live out of state and are headed to Vermont.
Their insurance company is expected at the scene Friday and as for the cause-- that is still under investigation.