Confusion reigns as Plattsburgh fine-tunes parking plan

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) The city of Plattsburgh is still fine-tuning a new parking enforcement regime, but many say they aren't fans of the new daily pass program.

Residents in Plattsburgh say they are sick of seeing parking tickets on their windshields.

"This is my biggest concern right now. I'm so worried one of these days I'm going to walk out here and my truck's just going to be towed or something," said Keihin Bouchard, who works in Plattsburgh. "Three dollars a day adds up over time."

After receiving complaints from several residents and Clinton County, the city looked into a system that would allow street parking for longer than two hours. That's how they came up with the new three dollar a day parking pass.

The pass is just a trial until the city council feels it's received enough feedback from the community to determine if the day passes are needed, and how to run a successful permit system.

"We're picking a starting point as a baseline and we'll judge in the future how the system's working based on that -- whether a less expensive permit is more appropriate or perhaps a more expensive one, but that's something the advisory committee will discuss in the future," said Matthew Miller, Plattsburgh's community development director.

But there is a catch... "It doesn't apply to the county lots or the city lots. The resolution strictly put it on on street parking," added Miller.

Drivers who need to use those city or county lots are concerned that there is no all-day option for them.

"I work food service and they expect me to move my truck every two hours instead of giving me something that says I work here," Bouchard said.

People who live or work downtown want to know why the city doesn't have a master parking plan -- and is making all these changes piecemeal.

"We just want to roll this out so it's not a whole new mess of regulations coming at the city all at once. Just get the community used to one change so we can slowly roll out the next one so people can get acclimated," Miller said.

As of Monday, the city's finance department says there have been zero parking passes sold.