Consolidated Communications scrambles to fix Vt. internet outage

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BURLINGTON,, Vt. (WCAX) Consolidated Communication spent Thursday afternoon dealing with statewide internet outages.

This comes a week after the Vt. Dept. of Public Service launched an investigation into the phone company after ongoing problems with customer service.

"I was filling out job applications and when you get knocked off, you have to start all over again,” said Gizelle Bushey.

It's a problem the Consolidated Communication customer from Fairfax says happens too often.

"I have issues with the internet probably once every two weeks,” said Bushey. “It slows down or it's not working at all.”

The Fairfax woman says when she lost service, getting in touch with Consolidated was difficult.

In 2016, the phone company announced its take-over of Fairport Communications. Since then, customers like Bushey say service has been unacceptable.

"I have had a problem with them ever since they took over,” says Bushey.

The state says customer service complaints related to outages increased over 2,000 percent between July and Sept. of this year, compared to 2017.

"It really needs to be addressed,” said Bushey.