Coronavirus sign campaign shares safety reminders in a fun way

Published: Apr. 13, 2020 at 3:33 PM EDT
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We all know we have to wash our hands more often, use hand sanitizer and stay six feet from each other. But reminders are always good. Our Olivia Lyons takes you to one business in Rutland handing them out.

In Rutland on Monday morning, people came to Awesome Graphics to pick up signs reminding people to social distance. Stay one cow apart and, of course, cover your sneeze or cough.

The idea for the signs began after people kept calling Awesome Graphics asking to purchase thank-you signs for first responders and essential workers.

"It was a way for us to love our friends and maybe save a couple lives while we're at it," said Mike Napolitano, the co-owner Awesome Graphics.

Community members of "I Love Rutland" put their heads together to create coronavirus etiquette signs. The group was created five years ago to improve the city's image. Now, they themselves are looking for ways to contribute during the global crisis.

"We're going to keep them out and if anyone comes and the bin is empty, please just check back because it's just going to be refilled on a constant basis," Napolitano said.

Awesome Graphics made 1,000 signs and put up some banners downtown. Thanks to donations from local businesses, they'll continue to print the signs for free.

Elizabeth Coombs is an essential worker at Hannaford. She was picking up signs for herself and her family members.

"Unfortunately, people, I think, are struggling to maintain their distance. So, I think this is a fun way to remind them to give each other space," Coombs said.

"Very serious about this. We've been through polio and World War II, this is about the worst thing I've seen. So, I think this is serious and we should take it seriously," said Phil Swords of Rutland.

"When you see the community rise up together like this, it seems pretty unique to the Rutland area because people really and truly care," Napolitano said.

The people we spoke with say these signs are very important because it's so crucial to remember these small things can make a big difference.