Coronavirus triggers new age of innovation

Published: Apr. 29, 2020 at 3:16 PM EDT
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The race to find solutions during this pandemic has led to a new age of innovation. That includes products meant to help keep us safe from possibly risky things, like touching our faces or door handles. Here's a look at some of the inventions that could eventually become part of our lives.

People touch their faces all the time.

"People touch their faces 23 times per hour. It's an unconscious behavior that just happens," said Justin Ith of Slightly Robot.

Stopping it from happening is what Seattle-based designer Ith had in mind with his vibrating bracelet-- reducing the risk of the coronavirus entering the body through vulnerable points.

"So you basically calibrate, 'This is when I touch my eye. This is when I touch my nose. This is when I touch my mouth.' So when you do that in the future, it will vibrate," Ith explained.

The global pandemic and the challenges of a post-lockdown world have already inspired a slew of ideas, like dividing screens in restaurants, plexiglass cubicles for the beach and mobile barriers on car assembly lines.

In the world we now live in, every surface is a potential health hazard, especially door handles. One British inventor came up with the Hygiene Hook. It's a pretty simple concept. Inventor Steve Brooks has already donated hundreds to hospital workers.

World War II saw an explosion of inventions and innovations, like long-range guided missiles, which helped launch the era of space exploration, and the jet engine, which revolutionized commercial aviation.

That period also introduced the modern ballpoint pen and superglue, everyday objects you'd find in your home today.

And home is exactly where Justin Ith's idea started.

"We created it because, for personal reasons. My father is in his late 60s and he has an autoimmune disease that makes him immune-compromised," Ith said. "We wanted to jump into action and protect people like my dad."

Sometimes complicated situations call for simple solutions.

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