Country music star inspires young fans at Vermont hospital

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) One of CMT's "Next Women of Country" is visiting Vermont. Stephanie Quayle started her day with radio station WOKO and then visited the University of Vermont Children's Hospital. Our Olivia Lyons was with her on her tour.

Quayle's fans-- known as her Flock of Quayle-- gathered on the front lawn of WOKO to hear some favorites and a few new tunes.

In the afternoon, Quayle headed to the UVM Children's Hospital.

"It's one of the most special things I can do with my music. I think music is such a universal language that you can just love on people," Quayle said. "It's really incredible to watch little ones light up in difficult times and also for their parents, you know, to get a little break and we've gotta be good to each other, so I'm glad I get to do it."

Novalee Backus, 11, is one fan who got to hear Quayle perform in the hospital.

"She's very creative and she inspired me. I want to be a singer now," Novalee said.

After the show, Quayle gave Novalee a necklace.

Novalee Backus: She gave me a necklace. She said it was meant to be mine.
Reporter Olivia Lyons: Why's that?
Novalee Backus: Because my name means chases butterflies in Native American.

Quayle says her show Wednesday was a way to bring a little sunshine into the kids' lives since they can't get outside.