Police investigate apparent murder-suicide in Maidstone

 Jason McLain
Jason McLain (WCAX)
Published: Jul. 27, 2017 at 4:16 PM EDT
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"I'm sad," Sheila Goolsby said. "It's not good news to hear."

Neighbors of Jason and Molly McLain were shocked to hear of the violence that unfolded between the Maidstone couple Wednesday night.

"One of the reports was a male chasing a female with a knife," Vt. State Police Maj. Glenn Hall said.

Police responded to the Route 102 home after a concerning call about Jason McLain.

"He had dropped the two children off at a neighbor's house, and the neighbor reported that he had blood on him," Hall said.

Authorities found the 33-year-old had shot himself but was clinging to life. They later found his 27-year-old wife, Molly, across the road. She had been stabbed and had injuries to her head and torso.

"I've never seen Jason, or heard anything, violent from him," Goolsby said.

Both husband and wife were taken to the hospital but both later died. State police are now conducting an investigation into what led up to violence.

Those who knew the couple say it was likely past marriage problems.

"That's what everybody's saying, you know? They should've parted ways a long time ago," neighbor Scott Duchemin said.

Now, the couple's 2- and 4-year-old children have both been left without their parents.

"What goes through a person's mind? I don't understand it, I just don't," Duchemin said. "It's scary."

We're told those two kids are staying with other family members as the investigation continues.

Court documents reveal Maidstone victims' troubled marriage


A lengthy court paper trail obtained by Channel 3 reveals a a rocky marriage between the Maidstone couple involved in Wednesday's apparent murder- suicide.

The latest court filing coming from family court Wednesday. July 26 -- Jason McLain filed for divorce. Hours later both he and his estranged wife, Molly, would be dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

These most recent divorce papers show Jason wanted to dissolve his marriage, claiming Molly was unfaithful, abusive, and addicted to drugs. He was also fighting for full custody of their two children.

But in 2015 it was Molly who filed for divorce and sole custody. She alleged she and her husband had separated six months prior. She also pointed to a 2014 New Hampshire restraining order she had against Jason. The court ended up dismissing their contested divorce case after Molly and Jason missed multiple court appearances.

It appears the couple's marital troubles continued to escalate. Last month police were called to their Maidstone home. Jason was arrested for domestic assault and interfering with emergency services. Police said Molly had fresh bruising as well as old injuries. She told investigators Jason punched her, took away her keys, and disconnected their WIFI so she couldn't call for help.

On June 23 a Vermont court awarded Molly a relief from abuse order. A judge found Jason had abused her in the past and posed a danger of future abuse. Jason was supposed to stay 500 feet from Molly, their kids and the house. Molly's statements to the court expose a disturbing pattern of behavior. She writes about Jason's rifle stating: "I feel he might get angry and use it against me." She calls Jason unpredictable and frightening and warns "there is too much verbal and physical violence abuse for me to feel safe..." She alleges Jason raped her "while in drunken states of mind" and threatened to "burn her belongings" if she tried to leave him.

Essex County Sheriff Trevor Colby didn't want to share much about the couple's past Thursday, but he did confirm several police involvements and a history of ongoing domestic issues.