Court upholds Vt. man's convictions in NH prep school sex assault case

Owen Labrie-File photo

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) The New Hampshire Supreme Court has upheld the 2015 convictions of a prep school graduate found guilty of using a computer to lure a girl for sex and assaulting her.

Owen Labrie, of Tunbridge, Vermont, was acquitted of raping the 15-year-old classmate at St. Paul's School. But he was convicted of the felony computer charge - requiring him to register as a sex offender - and several misdemeanors.

Labrie's lawyer argued prosecutors failed to prove Labrie's emails and Facebook messages to the girl showed he intended to have sex with her. The state argued Labrie's intentions were clear since he was reaching out as part of a campus sexual conquest competition.

The court on Tuesday disagreed with the defense.

Labrie's lawyer said she's "deeply disappointed" by the decision and it shows the computer law is "seriously flawed."

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