Craft brewers unite to help with Calif. fire relief

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (WCAX) A big name brewery is trying to help the victims of devastating Camp Fire in Northern California, and some local brewers in Lake Placid have signed up to help.

For over two weeks, flames raged throughout communities in Northern California. The Camp Fire is now considered the deadliest wildfire in a century, taking at least 85 lives in its path of destruction.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California, is now using the bonds of beer-making to give back to the Camp Fire Relief Fund.

"We all really stick together, so when Ken Grossman asked for us as a brewing community to come together to help out his neighborhood, a lot of people answered the call," said Chris Ericson with Lake Placid Pub and Brewery.

Resilience Butte County Proud IPA will be brewed worldwide.

"The beer is going to be an American-style IPA, it will be amber in color, it will have about 70 IBU's or international bittering units," said Jason Scull, the pub's head brewer.

So far, over 1,000 breweries have signed up to brew and sell the beer. Lake Placid Pub and Brewery is just one of dozens in our region. All of the proceeds will be donated back to the Camp Fire Relief Fund.

"Sometimes you have to do the right thing when it comes to donations and people who are asking for help and in need, especially this time of year," Ericson said.

All ingredients for the brew have been donated by malt and hops companies, but each brewery will have its own spin

"This resilience IPA that will be on tap from Maine to San Diego -- and I bet you they're doing it up in Alaska too -- will be available all over the country and it will all be the same recipe, but will be a little unique to each brewery. I think it's pretty cool. We have a Sierra Nevada recipe in our recipe book right now," Ericson said.

If you're looking for a pint, the brew will be tapped early January.

Click here for a list of participating breweries.