Two-state manhunt for suspect in chase, crash

WALPOLE, N.H. (WCAX) State and local police in Vermont and New Hampshire on Wednesday pursued a man on both sides of the Connecticut River.

Zachariah McAllister

Police say they're looking for Zachariah McAllister, 29, of Westminster, Vermont. And they were hunting for him all day.

In Walpole, New Hampshire, police put the entire community on lockdown as they searched for McAllister. Police say they believe he is dangerous.

It all started in Brattleboro, Vermont, Wednesday morning when police there got a tip that McAllister had an active arrest warrant out and was driving a silver Mercedes. Officers spotted the car on Putney Road. Brattleboro police say they stopped the car and positively identified the driver as McAllister. His license is criminally suspended for multiple prior convictions of driving with a suspended license. They say McAllister took off from the stop at a high rate of speed and police issued a bulletin for McAllister and the vehicle.

Walpole Police Chief Michael Paquette says McAllister was traveling at more than 100 mph when he reached that community. After crashing into another vehicle at the intersection of Route 12 and South Street in Walpole, the chase continued on foot.

Police say they're familiar with McAllister.

The entire village of Walpole was locked down as a precaution. Our Adam Sullivan asked Chief Paquette why they decided to take such drastic measures.

"This person is desperate. They're running. They've already had warrants for them out of state and the speed and the things that they're doing, they're trying to flee from law enforcement. We have a dangerous person in that area. So we made the decision to lock in place the school because it was in a really close location to where we were and the downtown village of Walpole," Paquette said.

Nearby businesses and the school were locked down for over an hour. That lockdown has since been lifted.

Police believe that McAllister crossed the Connecticut River back into Vermont.

Police in New Hampshire say additional warrants related to Wednesday's incident are being written up.

Anyone with credible information on McAllister's whereabouts is asked to call state police in Westminster at 802-722-4600.