Lancaster logging business destroyed by early morning fire

LANCASTER, N.H. (WCAX) A Monday morning fire ripped through a logging and excavation business in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

"I don't know what to say,” said Allen Bouthillier with AB Excavating.

What can you say when your business of more than 30 years goes up in flames.

Video of the raging fire was captured by the Lancaster Fire Department and posted online. Allen Bouthillier got a call from his son around 2 a.m. Monday.

“Before I got here, he called me back because he lives a lot closer than I did, and he told me that we have lost everything and we both broke down,” said Bouthillier.

Multiple departments responded but there was no saving the structure. Several trucks and other equipment for the logging and excavation company were also destroyed.

“Our office, we lost everything. We lost all of our computers, our plotters, everything. Everything that we do everything with is gone," said Bouthillier.

The building was insured and the owners says they will be able to rebuild, but he says it's the personal items lost in the fire, like pictures with his son and prized hunting trophies, that hurt the most.

Something you never believe would happen to you. You just don't believe it, said Bouthillier.

Bouthillier is left wondering how the fire started. Investigators from the New Hampshire Fire Marshal's office were on scene searching for clues.

"No red flags at this time but we will treat it like any other investigation and do a thorough job," said Stacey Dubois, New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office.

"I've got to find some office space to keep going, to keep my employees working. We've just got to keep going. We've got work, we've got to keep going,” said Bouthillier.

Moving forward and after fire leaves little behind.