Croydon residents vote to keep police chief after all

Published: May. 16, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT
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The police chief in Croydon, New Hampshire, will keep his job despite a Town Meeting Day vote to disband the department.

In a second vote last weekend, people overwhelmingly voiced support for Chief Richard Lee. They called for a second vote after town meeting, saying the town was not properly informed the first time.

The first vote would have given the select board the power to fire the chief and contract with an outside police agency.

Some in town argued Lee was doing his job.

Lee says he's grateful for the support and he does not plan to change the way he does his job.

"There is no reason to change. My job has been done the same way and if people don't like getting arrested, then they shouldn't do what they are doing here in town," Lee said. "I know that's what sparked this whole thing."

Lee has been a police officer for 38 years. He served in neighboring Newport before becoming the Croydon chief, which is a part-time position.