Crymble Prepares for Next Adventure

Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 6:02 PM EDT
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There was only one member of the UVM women's basketball class of 2020, and her name can be found all over the program's record book .

"I just feel like I was a part of a group, I don't feel really like I was stand-alone in that respect," said recent graduate Hanna Crymble. "I just tried to do what I could to get our team the wins."

Crymble leaves Burlington as the Catamount's 6th leading scorer all-time, to go along with Top 10s in rebounds, blocks, and field goal percentage, and she's the program's best ever free-throw shooter by a large margin. Her college career was so spectacular that it has allowed her to pursue the professional game .

"First got an agent and through them, they worked at finding different programs that would want me to come play for them," Crymble said. "We kinda shuffled through a couple and this Greek team came up and it kind of is the perfect opportunity for me to get a foot into European Basketball."

Crymble signed with Esperides Kallitheas, a metro-Athens based team in Greece's top division. She said she's excited to get a feel for just how seriously the country takes women's basketball .

"The fanbase there is so much bigger than it is in the US," Crymble said. "Whether you're top dog or you're middle of the pack, you have devoted fans that are coming and that's like with soccer, rugby, all the sports there. It seems to be a very positive environment. It's a big culture there that I'm super excited to experience."

Crymble said she has been to Europe, but this will be her first experience in Greece. As for preparing herself for the culture both on and off the court, she has used another former Catamount star, May Kotsopoulos, as a resource .

"She actually went to Greece too, and we had conversations about what to do and what not to miss while I'm over there, what was the best part about it, and we just kind of have a constant dialogue going and I'm really thankful that I have her," Crymble said.

Now if you've been paying attention to national news, you probably have heard that American citizens aren't exactly given free-rein in the European Union right now. But in a roundabout way, that could actually make her life a little bit easier .

"I have to have a solidified visa in order to go into Europe," Crymble said. "Some troubles with overseas play is sometimes sometimes won't get your visa in time and then you'll have to be deported in the middle of the season, but with this happening, it's a surefire way to get me established and to stay in the country while I'm playing."

Playing professional basketball is certainly a lifetime achievement, but Crymble has another pretty big one she's aiming for after her hoops career wraps up. The Academic All-American earned her degree in biochemistry back in May, and she hopes to parlay that into med school a few years from now .

"I'm thinking about 4 or 5 years and then hopefully coming back into med school in the states," Crymble said. "I did shadow in the emergency room at UVM and that was thrilling. Experiencing the fast-paced team dynamic that has to occur in order to save someone's life, and the trust that's in that team to do their role and get this person hooked up and survive. The adrenaline that was pumping the whole time was extraordinary and I think that was really really cool. I've always wanted to be a doctor and helping people, I think that'd be really fulfilling for me personally and just having a good life surrounded by good people and family, I think that's the ultimate goal."

But for now Crymble is focused on accomplishing all she can on the court, and her first Greek League season is set to begin in September.

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