Cuomo: All New York schools to remain closed through spring

Published: May. 1, 2020 at 12:25 PM EDT
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo says schools will not reopen this academic school year for the more than 4 million students in New York.

The governor says finding a way for schools to open up and be socially distant in just a few weeks would be impossible.

This is for all students, from kindergarten all the way up to colleges and universities.

Food distributions, online learning and child care for essential workers will continue to be offered.

Cuomo says that some schools are losing money while others are saving money through distance learning and that some schools' funding will be tight depending on what comes out of Washington.

The governor says schools should start developing their reopening plans.

At his news conference Friday, the governor was asked if he plans to reopen the state by region, why wouldn't he open the schools the same way.

"Think of a school facility, right, again go back to this room, you have 30 kids in a classroom but with social distancing, you can only put 10 kids in a classroom. OK, then get another three classrooms with another three teachers. I can't. The cafeteria at lunchtime, I put 200 kids in a cafeteria. Well, now you can only put 70 kids in the cafeteria, so have them eat in six shifts. Figure all this out and get it done in a few weeks and make sure you don't make a mistake because we're talking about children and we're talking about them getting infected and either getting sick themselves or bringing it home. So the stakes are high," said Cuomo, D-New York.

The governor could not give a timeline as to when schools would reopen. He said the decision for summer school will come at the end of the month and that there is no decision on fall because "the fall is a long time away."

Mark Davey, the district supervisor of Champlain Valley Educational Services, says he thinks the governor made the right decision. He said having more time to plan the right way to open the schools rather than scrambling to get open quickly is what's best for the schools and the students.

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