Cuomo bans gatherings, nonessential workers to stay home

Published: Mar. 20, 2020 at 11:39 AM EDT
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All workers in nonessential businesses will be required to stay home in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus in New York state.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the news Friday, saying his executive order takes effect Sunday night.

Cuomo insisted he was not issuing a "shelter in place" order, saying that that type of order is reserved for active-shooter situations.

Cuomo said rather, the state is "closing the valve" of everyday life to limit the outbreak.

"On the businesses on the valve, we reduced it to 50 percent of the workforce," said Cuomo, D-New York. "We then reduced it to 75 percent of the workforce must stay home, and today we're bringing it to 100 percent... These are nonessential services. Essential services have to continue to function."

He added that beginning on Sunday, civil fines and mandatory closures for businesses that don't comply with the new mandate will be enforced.

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