Cuomo praises New Yorkers for COVID-19 efforts

Published: Jul. 6, 2020 at 3:50 PM EDT
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New Yorkers have done the impossible.

At a news conference on Monday, Cuomo said New York went from having the worst rate of COVID-19 infection in the country to having the best.

The governor said New York has made it over the mountain but he doesn't want the challenge of crossing a "mountain range." With infection rates rising in 38 states, Cuomo urged New Yorkers not to get complacent.

"New York's doing great. The numbers are down. I heard the governor. He said everything is great. Uh, we get complacent, we got cocky, we get a little arrogant. That is a real threat," said Cuomo, D-New York.

The governor addressed comments President Trump repeated over the weekend, that "if we didn't test so much and so successfully we would have very few cases." Cuomo pointed out the flaws in that logic.

"And so on that theory, let's do no more cancer tests, 'cause that'll solve that problem. So no more mammograms, because we don't want to know. That'll solve breast cancer. No more prostate checks. That'll solve prostate cancer. No more TB checks, that'll end TB. No more HIV tests so that'll solve the AIDS issue... No! Not knowing doesn't mean you don't have a problem," Cuomo said.

No decision has been reached yet on whether New York schools will reopen in the fall, but the governor has asked all of New York's 700 school districts to come up with a plan for how to safely bring students back.