Cuomo to include plastic bag ban proposal in budget

NEW YORK (AP) Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to see single-use plastic bags banned in New York state and is proposing a prohibition on them as part of his upcoming executive budget.

Cuomo announced the proposal on Sunday, along with a proposal to make most non-alcoholic bottles eligible for a 5-cent redemption.

He called the bag ban a "bold action" that would "create a cleaner and greener New York for all."

He had first proposed a ban last April, after he and lawmakers in 2017 blocked a proposed plastic bag fee from going into effect in New York City.

Cuomo, a Democrat, is scheduled to release his executive budget on Tuesday. A final budget in negotiation with the state Legislature is supposed to be passed by April 1.

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1/13/2019 3:55:11 PM (GMT -5:00)