Cuomo urges Trump to 'do the right thing' on infrastructure, state aid

WASHINGTON (WCAX) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with President Trump at the White House Wednesday morning to push for assistance with major infrastructure projects.

Cuomo Tuesday said he views projects, including an AirTrain to LaGuardia Airport and a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River, as crucial to restarting the region's economy.

Cuomo again called on Washington to provide funding to local and state governments to save them from making cuts to schools, hospitals, and police and fire departments. He said the states that have been hit hardest by COVID-19 make up one-third of the nation's GDP, further showing the need for a recovery fund.

"Do you really want to cut schools now? Do you really want to cut hospitals now? After what we've just gone through when we're talking about a possible second wave," Cuomo said. "Is now the time to savage essential services? And don't you realize that if you do this, if you cut state and local governments and you cause chaos on the state and local level, how does that help a nation striving to recover economically?"

Cuomo has frequently clashed with the Trump administration's response to the pandemic, including what he has said was the failure of the federal government to coordinate the acquisition of supplies and the GOP's continuing lack of support to provide assistance to municipalities.