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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) I have all kinds of berries and these are some of my favorite ones that not a lot of people grow. They are the currants and the gooseberries. And there are lots of different varieties of them, and they were outlaws for a while! Well, they were illegal because they are the alternate host of white pine blister rust, which would affect white pine trees and really devastate them. But all of the varieties that are out there now, they are resistant to the rust so you don't have that problem. You can have white pine trees like we have around here right next to the currants and gooseberries.
There are lots of different varieties, so I've got a little plate here and little ensemble to show you. This yellow one is called White Imperial, this one is called Pink Champagne because it tastes like a little bit of Champagne when you pop it in your mouth. And these are Red Lake. These are all really easy ones to grow. You only need one bush and you can grow them in part sun. You can just tickle them right off the bush and just pop them in your mouth.
Now, there are gooseberries, too, which are a little bit bigger, and those are really great for pies and jams. And then there's this bush which is called a Jostaberry! Not many people have seen it before. This is a cross between a black currant and a gooseberry! You can see these jet black fruits that get really sweet with a little bit of age. Like many berries, you want to let them really get ripe on the bush, so they get really sweet. If you pick them too early, they'll be a little sour.
So currants and gooseberries, and even Jostaberries, are good for right around your home!
~By Charlie Nardozzi