Dartmouth boosts efforts to enroll veterans

HANOVER, N.H. (WCAX) Dartmouth College is trying to make it easier for veterans to attend the Ivy League school.

Dartmouth has joined Service to School's VetLink program which provides mentors to veterans who are looking to go to college after their service in the military. The mentors help veterans translate their experiences into the language the admission office is looking for. Dartmouth officials say VetLink is a logical extension of its ongoing mission to attract and enroll veterans.

"Veterans are one component of a diverse institution -- something we value very much -- the variety of experiences and perspectives that our students bring. Veterans are one part of that and they are an important part of that to Dartmouth," said Paul Sunde, the college's director of admissions.

Veterans who are interested in applying to Dartmouth are encouraged to go to Service to School and be hooked up with a VetLink mentor.