Demonstrators gather to fight immigration conditions in southern border

Published: Jul. 13, 2019 at 12:01 AM EDT
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Hundreds of candles were lit in Burlington and in cities across the country in support of the families detained at the southern border, and against what demonstrators are calling their inhumane treatment at the centers.

"The vast vast vast majority of people who are tied up at the border are tied up because they want a better life," Seth Steinzer said. He says his grandparents immigrated here and believes the people coming here now are simply looking for a better life.

The candlelight vigil was called "Lights for Liberty."

Liberty for migrants as far away as the U.S.-Mexico border and as close as our communities in Vermont.

"Families are being separated right here," organizer Grace O'Dell said. "It's inhumane and we are trying to bring some light and justice to this."

Migrant Justice says Border Patrol arrested three men in Newport, Vermont just last month.

"This injustice is something that is not just happening at the southern border, this injustice is happening here," Abel Luna said.

With chants and a moment of silence, those like Steinzer say they want their message heard.

This was one of many vigils were held around the state and the country to raise awareness.