Did a longtime Vt. cop steal drugs from evidence?

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ROYALTON, Vt. (WCAX) An update to the story WCAX News broke Friday about federal agents zeroing in on the Royalton Police Department just a day after the community's only full-time officer resigned. Monday, we found residents and town officials have a lot of questions but answers are hard to come by.

You don't have to go far in South Royalton to find someone talking about it.

"Surprised," said Dean Halls of South Royalton. "Kind of surprising the FBI was in on it."

After a WCAX News report Friday, word spread quickly about the problems facing the police department.

"I mean we had no clue any of this was in the works," said Larry Trottier, the chair of the Royalton select board.

Trottier says he's just as surprised as everyone else: first by Officer John Breault's resignation; then, by the FBI and DEA agents who showed up the next day asking to get into the evidence room.

"They went in and found what they needed to find and took inventory and thanked us and left," Trottier said.

Trottier says the agents didn't say what they were investigating. But sources tell WCAX investigators are looking into allegations Breault may have taken drugs from the evidence room to give to a friend.

Reporter Kristin Kelly: Did they have a warrant? Did they show you any papers?
Larry Trottier: Well, they showed me identification and asked if they could look. And we said yes because as far as we know, we have nothing to hide.

Lots of people had opinions to share with us off camera about the irony of a sometimes pushy officer facing possible legal trouble himself. But Raelene Lemery was not shy about sharing her sadness on camera about the uncertainty facing the town.

"Until people really know, people are going to keep talking and it's sad," Lemery said. "Because the side of him that I knew, he was more than fair to many, many people in this town."

The town has contacted the Vermont State Police and the Windsor County Sherriff's Department about helping cover the community until new police staff members are hired.