Vermont family's pet chicken in a wheelchair goes viral

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UNDERHILL, Vt. (WCAX) Alora Wood, 10, of Underhill, has several pets to keep her company: a cat, a dog-- but there is also one more companion.

"This is Granite," Alora said. "She is one of our feathered friends-- a chicken!"

Granite is no ordinary chicken; she is a pet chicken.

Alora Wood: I just think she is just really special.
Reporter Ike Bendavid: Why do you think she is special?
Alora Wood: Oh, I don't know. She is just so sweet.

This pet poultry was born with one working foot. And last year, Granite was attacked by a weasel, leaving her only working foot barely usable.

"That was really sad and really hard on Granite," Alora said.

So what do you do when your pet chicken can't walk anymore? You get a custom-made wheelchair for her-- a first of its kind.

"It's really improved her quality of life," Alora said. "Yeah, I think she is doing a lot better now."

"If any animal deserves a second chance, this chicken does," mom Sarah Wood said.

But this chicken story doesn't stop at the coop. It's gone viral

"The idea it went viral was just kind of beyond our understanding because we thought, why isn't a chicken a pet?" Sarah said.

Granite even made an appearance on Weekend Update on "Saturday Night Live," where Colin Jost joked, "Just eat the chicken."

Ike Bendavid: Would you ever eat your pet chicken?
Alora Wood: No, never.
Ike Bendavid: Were you upset when people said just eat the chicken?
Alora Wood: Yes. It was a little funny, but I also think how she is different than our dog, our cat or any of the other pets we have.

In good spirits, Alora helps Granite through her physical therapy, learning her way around in her new wheelchair.

It's a step in the right direction for this hen and a lesson on never giving up.

"I just think she is a really great teacher," Alora said.