'Donut Boy' offers thanks to Central Vermont cops

Published: Jul. 31, 2017 at 11:54 AM EDT
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Some Central Vermont police officers received a tasty treat Monday, all thanks to the viral sensation, "The Donut Boy." He's been making a name for himself in cities around the country, bringing sweet treats to first responders with his signature catch phrase: "I do-nut need a reason to thank a cop."

Tyler Carach is a 9-year-old superhero with a donut cape, and he's on a mission to thank America's police officers. Monday morning, he was in Montpelier.

"Thank you for your service. Do you want to take a picture?" Carach asked the assembled officers.

It's part of a six-week road trip that spans over 13 states, delivering doughnuts to police officers. It all started back in Florida in his hometown.

"One day, me and my mom went to the store and I saw four cops, and I asked my mom if I could buy them mini-doughnuts with my own money," Carach said.

Now, on his last week of the trip, he is visiting six places in Vermont, with two stops in Barre, then Berlin, Northfield and Royalton. His message is simple.

"They keep us safe, and I want to remind them that people still care. And because they are my best friends," he said.

"It's really nice to be thanked, and it's nice the effort they are making to travel at their own expense all over the country," Montpelier Police Cpl. Michael Philbrick said.

He says with all the negative attention circulating about law enforcement across the country, it's nice to see a kid understand their importance.

"It's great to have kids come to police officers for help, someone they can talk to when they need help, and not have it be the other way around," Philbrick said.

And for the Donut Boy-- he's just happy to give them a hug and say just one thing: "Thank you."