Driving rain triggers flash floods in our region

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MIDDLEBURY, Vt. (WCAX) There were flash flood warnings in much of our region Thursday as the rain poured down.

Our Ike Bendavid went to Addison County to see how first responders and people living there were handling all that water.

The Middlebury River was moving fast and high. One woman who is staying nearby described a telephone pole moving down the river and she also described what it sounded like living near it throughout the day.

"It was like a battering ram," Allison Ballantie said. "It came down here, and around the corner and it hit a rock and it went up and came back down. It was pretty crazy."

Ballantie is vacationing in Vermont from Pennsylvania. She could hear the water rushing from her rental. She says she didn't expect to see the water rise up right near the house where she was staying.

"We expected that we would see rain, but not to the magnitude that we saw Thursday," Middlebury Fire Chief David Shaw said. "I don't think it's a normal spring."

Middlebury Fire was joined by Colchester Technical Rescue to be on call if any citizen evacuations were needed.

"We are ready to go - we have to be quick down here because when it's above its banks it comes in quickly," Shaw said.

Some areas saw as much as two to three inches of rain in as many hours.

And all that rain led to hundreds of power outages in Vermont.

There were also troubles in Northern New York.

In Ticonderoga, flooding blocked some roads.

St. Clair Street was closed and residents there said that is pretty common when there is heavy rainfall.

The Ticonderoga fire chief said they had two cellar pumpouts in basements that had 18-24 inches of water in them.

There were also some power lines down, causing some road closures.

The chief said this is an uncommon time to see flooding in Ticonderoga. Normally, it's in the spring where residents see most of their flooding. But because it's been such a wet season, the ground just has no room left to absorb the water.

He had not seen any evacuations.