Downtown community comes together for first-time event.

Published: Aug. 26, 2017 at 8:39 AM EDT
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Church Street is a staple of downtown Burlington, but the side street of College Street is coming together Saturday for the first time in what's called the College Street Collide.

"We were kind of trying to figure out how a way that you like celebrate that unique fact about College Street, which is that it is almost entirely locally-owned," said Sarah Beal of Common Deer.

The event is a celebration of those various locally-owned businesses that are on College Street. The goal is to bring the community together.

"Everyone's opening their doors and welcoming our wonderful community in to hang out, meet, take part in some activities, as well as win prizes," said Beal.

While the hotspot in downtown Burlington is Church Street, Kelly Divine of the Burlington Business Association says there's more to see if you venture out farther.

"We want to let not only local folks but visitors know there's some amazing stuff happening along the side streets that are actually off Church Street," said Divine.

The College Street Collide's success could mean more events and opportunities in downtown Burlington.

"A lot of people when they come shopping are also looking for experiences, so this is a way to create something that not only gets folks aware of the stores but also gives them something really fun to do," said Divine.

And that's what Beal says she also hopes to see.

"I think that there is many more years to come for this sort of event and I can only grow and get bigger," said Beal.

Events run all day on Saturday for participating stores.