Dozens attend clean water forum in Montpelier

Published: Jan. 28, 2019 at 2:54 PM EST
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Building partnerships and improving communication were top takeaways from a panel discussion during Monday's 2019 Clean Water Policy Forum.

The forum was an all-day event in Montpelier to talk about issues related to clean water in Vermont.

Our Alexandra Montgomery moderated a panel about water and its relationship to the economy.

Studies show a decrease in water quality hurts home prices, jobs and businesses, tourism and population growth.

Questions during the panel included how to work with homeowners who are wary of giving up land for conservation efforts, the effects of climate change and ways to secure clean water funding.

"We cannot approach clean water by trying to heal the most difficult, blaring sore. We need to approach it across the board to make sure that we are also practicing preventive medicine," said Kathy Urffer, a river steward for the Connecticut River Conservancy.

"More and more businesses are talking about the impacts of clean water, especially talking about the gamble that we have as a state where if you don't protect these resources, we're going to lost them forever," said Dan Barlow, the policy manager for Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

More than 70 people attended.