Dozens of cities vie to land Amazon's next headquarters

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NEW YORK (CBS) Dozens of communities across the country are making bids to become the second headquarters of Amazon, including New Hampshire.

The online giant announced last month its new location could involve 50,000 jobs. Amazon wants a diverse city with a large talent pool, mass transit and a high quality of life.

But some say the company is creating an unfair bidding war for tax breaks.

"How do I get Amazon to take notice of Kansas City?" Mayor Sly James asked.

The mayor answered his own challenge by slipping Kansas City factoids into reviews of 1,000 Amazon products.

Anything goes when vying for the attention of the world's largest online retailer, which is why Tucson sent a 21-foot cactus. And several cities got help from Amazon's personal assistant, Alexa.

Question: Hey Alexa, where is the most interesting company in the world going to locate?
Alexa: Obviously, Washington, D.C."

More than 30 cities are expected to submit proposals. We told you earlier this month that New Hampshire is among the communities vying for Amazon. Click here for more on that.

Still, some cities aren't getting involved, citing Amazon's emphasis on subsidies and incentives. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo called that "a bad deal for city taxpayers."

"I think Amazon is going to come out ahead. It's not really clear if the cities will," said Amy Liu, who students urban economics at the Brookings Institution.

Liu warns that Amazon's second city could suffer some of the same issues now plaguing its first, Seattle.

"There are real trade-offs in being the winner," Liu cautioned. "Seattle now experiences high inequality, not enough affordable housing to house workers."

Amazon's second headquarters might not land in the U.S. at all. Some Canadian cities, including Ottawa and Toronto, are also submitting bids and Canada's immigration policies could help with international talent.

Cities have until Thursday to submit their bids to Amazon. Amazon is expected to make its decision next year.